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National TaeKwon Do Institute
Indomitable Spirit

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Children's Program  Ages 5-12 years 
and "Little Tiger" Classes ages 3-5 (Owatonna Only)

Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a great sport for children of all ages and athletic abilities

Tenets of Taekwondo:


A child enrolled at NTI must learn to show courtesy and respect to all who come in contact with him/her in life. Instructors, Parents, Teachers and other children are to be shown courtesy at all times. A martial artists strives at all times to demonstrate courtesy to others.


All NTI students and Martial Arts practicioners should be striving to show integrity in their daily lives. Be honest, set a standard, and behave at all times with integrity, at NTI, as well as at  home.


At no time will a student lose control or use his/her martial arts to hurt another person. A true martial artist will walk away from a fight if at all possible and resort to using the skill only when no other option is available. An NTI student will strive to maintain control of his or her emotions at all times.


A martial artist will not give up, but will practice over and over again. If something is difficult a true martial artist will keep trying to improve, whether it is in martial arts or in school.

Idomitable Spirit

Going to give up? NO! Going to give in? NO! Going to let other's tell you what you can acheive in life? NO! A martial artist will take defeat and change it into a challenge, look at it as an opportunity to learn, rather than a situation of defeat.

Keys to Success
.     Respect
.     Repetition
.     Patience
.     Discipline
.     Humility