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National TaeKwon Do Institute
Indomitable Spirit

Words that each level needs to learn:
White belt:  Keys to success
Gold belt:   Tenets of taekwondo
Orange belt:  Primary rules #1-3
Green belt:   Primary  rules  #4-6
High Green belt:  Secondary rules # 1-5
Blue belt : Secondary rules #6-11
High blue belt : Student's  Attitude  #1-5
Red belt :  Student's Attitude    #6-10

Time requirement between each belt

White to Gold                 2months

Gold to Orange              2months

Orange to Green            2months

Green to High Gr.          2months

High Gr. to Blue            3months

Blue to High Blue          3months

High Blue to Red          3mohths

Red to High Red          5months

High Red to Rec. B. B.  6months

Primary Rules
1. Bow to the instructor when you see him/her first and when you leave .
2. Bow to the flag when you enter or leave the class room.
3. Address your instructor as Mr./Ms./ or Sir/Ma,am or Master appropriately.
4. Assume the position of attention when speaking to your instructor or any black belt.
5. No conversation is allowed during the class time, except with instructor's permission. Students must raise their hand if they need to speak.
6. Any substitute instructor must be treated as you would your own instructor.

Secondary Rules
1. No profanity, absence gestures, or actions and unnecessary roughness toward fellow students will be tolerated.
2. Students are expected to be courteous and understanding. They are also expected to help fellow students whenever needed.
3. Loud conversation , laughing, and chewing gum have no place in the class.
4. Personal hygiene is your responsibility(clean uniform, trimmed nails, deodorant, clean feet, etc.)
5. Smoking, drinking, eating or wearing shoes in the class is not allowed.
6. Fixing the uniform, or tying belt must be done facing away from the flag and the instructor.
7. Color belt students are not allowed to sit on chairs while in uniform.
8. Do not enter class late or leave early 
without your instructor's approval.
9. Do not engage in any activities that might degrade the code of Taekwondo or the reputation of NTI.
10. Do not hold a demonstration or teach taekwondo without your instructor's approval.
11. You must have instructor's approval before entering any tournament or competition.

Student's Attitude
1. Never tire of learning.
2. A good student must be willing to help NTI grow.
3. A good student must be willing to help with demo's , teaching, tournaments.
4. Always set a good example for lower ranking students.
5. Always be loyal to your instructor and your school. Never criticize the instructor , the NTI, or the training methods.
6. Never be disrespectful of the instructor. Student is allowed to disagree with the instructor, but it must be discussed in private.
7. If an instructor teaches a technique, practice it and attempt to utilize it.
8. If a student adopts a different technique from different club and the instructor disapproves of it, the student disregard the technique.
9. A good student must always be eager to learn and ask questions.
10. Never break a trust.

It should be understood by the all NTI students that the purpose of these rules and regulations are mainly to ensure maximum benefit from the study of TKD. Most of these rules have been a part of TKD training from the beginning for the past 2000 years.
Disciplinary action will be taken for violation of the above rules and regulations. Penalties will vary at the discretion of the NTI, such as :
verbal warnings, demotion of rank, suspension or termination of TKD training.